Marina Fois: "I learned to make peace with myself"

Humor is without a doubt the best outlet ...

M. F. : That's for sure! In my family, we practice humor as a reflection. As we are very modest, it allows us to say things but ... otherwise. Romain Gary used humor to say that it is a clever and entirely satisfying way of escaping the real when he is going to fall on us. That's how I see it: as a diversion.

What, sadness?

M. F. : Boredom, first of all. Because it's boring, life! You have to brush your teeth, put away your socks, fill the fridge, the car breaks down, when it rains it's wet ... It's a nuisance! I live with someone who always says, "Life is beautiful." God knows I love this person, but I think it's the most stupid sentence in the world! Life is terribly violent, it can strike several times in a row and spares no one. But once we know that and since we're here, we'll be as light as we are. If life was beautiful, I could do without humor.

Certainly, we are not very funny in this interview. Including about humor!

M. F. : It does not matter not to be funny, what annoys me is to be shameless ... But all this is not that sad. Obviously I would prefer that my older brother be alive, it would be more fun, but the dramas also give

courage. I believe it. The day after his death, I did a live sketch and I really laughed. Paradoxically, I have the impression that people who have experienced dramas are less fearful than those who have been spared by life. That's the reality: a mourning does not kill.

Still need to be surrounded, find strong support. Who brought it to you?

M. F. : The guy with whom I live. I met him at the time of my brother's death. He was never afraid of my pain, but he forbade me to lock myself in it. He quickly forced me to look ahead. It was violent. But I think he saved me. Without him, without that desire that he carries in him and that he communicated to me, I would not have done half of what I did.

Life with two and me


"I do not think it exists, a couple are two people who meet, find each other and manage to live together. What kills him are the rules, what we are told a couple must be. "


" The "we" anguish me I like the idea of ​​two individuals who They did not meet each other, but for us, from the beginning, it was understood that everyone would live in their apartment.With the children, it became more complicated, but we got there. like that we love each other, in our own way."


" I do not know who developed this concept and if this person held it himself. I do not believe it, even though I have never had the opportunity to be unfaithful. If I had to learn one day that he was infidel, our relationship would survive. Even if I'm sure I would die! "


" It's essential. It has never been said that living separately would be a way to maintain it, but in fact, yes, it works. Feeling the lack, the desire to see oneself naturally cultivates the desire. "


" To ask questions when there is no need to do so would be completely stupid. On the other hand, I want us to talk to each other, to tell ourselves everything we think, everything we feel. I talk to us a lot! Besides, sometimes I would have to learn how to shut up my mouth. "


" Their presence necessarily complicates intimacy. But they consolidate so much the link! There is only between us that we can talk for hours about the last bullshit of our sons and find it awesome. "

Key dates

January 21, 1970 : Birth in Boulogne- Billancourt

1990s : Student of Isabelle Nanty during Florent, in Paris

1997 : Beginnings of Robins des bois on Comedy!

2001: Montparnasse infernal tower of Charles Nemes

2004 : I do not feel beautiful Bernard Jeanjean Birth of his first son, Lazare

2007 : Darling Christine Carrière

2008 : Birth of George

2009 : Maïwenn Actress Ball

2010 : Happy Few by Antony Cordier At the theater in Henrik Ibsen's Doll House Directed by Jean-Louis Martinelli


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