Geolocation of singles: the GPS of love

There is a recent application on Smartphone that consists of geotagging all singles of your close perimeter. Who could have imagined that? A kind of GPS of love. One should almost specify: physical love. This application is unlikely to result in a marriage. But do we ever know? Seriousness can always sneak behind the futile.

David Foenkinos

Summer love rhymes with lightness. It's the season of the ephemeral. We meet at the place of our vacation, we rarely live in the same city, so the story will last for a season. It is quite strange to live a few days with a person knowing in advance the date of the separation. It's a CDD of feeling. But we can admit: the temporary has its charm. And take off a pressure. Surely one can be more natural in these conditions. To disappoint the other becomes less serious in the logic of the short term. Finally ... before you live the story, you still have to meet!

This is where new technologies come in. One could believe that the permanent advances have only one goal: to facilitate our love life. There is a recent application on Smartphone which consists of geolocating all the singles of your close perimeter. If you are single, on the beach, just activate the app, and all connected dreaming like you from a meeting will appear in your phone.

I let myself imagine the surreal scenes that will soon be happening at the water's edge. As of this summer, there is a risk of men walking between the towels with their phones stretched out in front of them to locate single women in the area. A bit like those looking for gold coins lost under the sand. The phone will beep when approaching an available person. Beep! Beep! Singles at ten meters!

Quick, you have to cast a discreet look! Because, if the connected person does not please us, we continue our path. It all starts to look like an Earth version of fishing. But if we ever feel an attraction, then we slow down ... And we appear, like a single dropped from the sky.

Well, that does not mean we'll have something to say to each other. After the discovery, what's going on? "Hm ... hello ... so like that, you're single? That's good, me too!" We saw better as an introduction, right? We breathe the atmosphere a little sad of the artificial.

Certainly, one gains in opportunities what one loses in charm of chance. But do we really want that?Should not love be bound to the improbable? There is one form of beauty to know nothing of the other when you meet it. We can then hope, dream; we can also grope and miss. It's not worse. What will become of the kamikaze of the beach that addresses the girls at the risk of chaining the rakes?

Now we sail in cautious waters. If it continues like this, we will soon invent an application that creates chance ...


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