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I have read the chat with Dominique Loreau. I have two of his books on my bedside table: The Art of Simplicity and The Art of Lists. The participants' questions allowed me to open my eyes to the path I have traveled in 13 years. Moving towards simplicity is the philosophy I have been trying to adopt since I was 49 years old. At that age, I started a therapy to "tidy up my closets", to go beyond my past. It took me five years. Then, simplicity has become a necessity. I had a physical disability, following an illness. My husband and I were unemployed, with three dependent children. This succession of events enlightened us on the essential: to be alive, not to suffer, to be able to feed the children, to be loved ... Finally I found a work full time. My husband got a job 550 kilometers from home. He only returned on weekends. The children being in college in other cities, I was able to sort and started the work advocated for a long time. An operation cured my disability. But I was diagnosed with three breast cancer tumors. At the same time I found an American household method, the Flylady. This allowed me to be more efficient in my simplification even during my chemotherapy. To simplify life, to simplify one's head, one gets there ... with small steps while smiling to life. If this testimony interests you, you can read also:

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