Meditation, instructions for use

Is it necessary to to follow a particular discipline? Have an app, a site, a guru? To be alone or in a group? It is said that meditation is simple, but a thousand and one questions come to the mind of the one who wants to soothe his mind! Here, in ten points, how to get started. In all serenity.

Paul Velasquez

Let's announce it: it's because the meditative practice is terribly simple that it's difficult. That is to say, not complicated to put in place, not asking for any equipment other than oneself, no other activity than doing nothing: all this, for the hyperconnected ones that we are, is difficult. Difficult to say that meditation must first expect nothing. Do not want to be successful. Meditation is not a sport, let alone a sport of combat, whether against oneself or others. To meditate is to lay down your arms.

Which method?


This is one of the oldest Buddhist techniques in India. The Sanskrit term means "penetrating vision". The method aims, beyond illusions, to find the true nature of the spirit. That's for the principle. In practice, it is a matter of letting thoughts arise without forcing or retaining them, without condemning them or approving them. To be content to observe what appears as the images of a film appearing and disappearing. That a part of shadow comes to invade the conscience, pain, anger, fear, shame, it will be accepted until it goes away "as the pus comes out of the wound," says the master. If the exercise is too painful, simply return to the breath: feel the air coming in and out through the nostrils, until the mind is ready to continue its search. For the beginning, the method may seem arid. It is possible to follow courses, especially during retreats. Often immersed in silence, the approach is demanding. It can change lives, but you have to hang on.

Sung meditation

Thoughts are jostling, scattering or maintaining false views? To undermine these mental processes, the method of kundalini (a yoga developing vital energy) uses mantras. It is the repetitive recitation, murmured or silent, of a sound (the famous "om") or of a sacred formula ( " shri ram, jairam " ) . The mantra is pronounced in the longest possible expiry. Its symbolic load and its vibratory power contribute to empty the consciousness to leave a sense of peace. Active, kundalini is also practiced sometimes by simply dancing by letting his body go into space. A fun method, ideal for those who do not hold too much in place.

The Zen Approach

The Zen tradition seeks to confuse the intellect with the koans, which are the enunciation of a paradox or enigma ("L ' ass looks at the well, the well looks at the donkey.Do not run away. ") While the mantras (also sung in this type of meditation) lead to the dissolution of thought, koans, on the contrary, compel the meditator to go to the end of his In both cases, the spirit is relieved of its daily agitation.

Zen meditation is often practiced in a dojo, according to rather strict rites, and discipline is required. those who need a constraining framework to free themselves

Transcendental Meditation

(MT) In 1967, the Beatles attend a conference of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London and leave the following day for their conference. Introductory Seminar on the Transcendental Meditation Technique Since then, their lives have changed, so has ours, and for those who appreciate the musical influence of John Lennon, at least. " jai guru deva " (" all glory to the divine master ") is undoubtedly came the most famous sung mantra of pop. The past, MT remains highly recommendable for those who feel the need to rely on a personal mantra (and secret, transmitted by the master). Or that Let it Be induces letting go ...

Mindfulness Meditation

This is the method everyone is talking about right now. For a good reason: to start, this practice is easily accessible and does not require special preparation. It's about paying attention to what's around us surrounding noises, a draft, an odor, about our body as it comes up here it's tickling here, it tickles there, or about emotions and thoughts presently fed up with sitting idle, with all the work waiting for me, and the other who has not yet reminded me, etc. "Stop doing, stirring, agitated, summarizes Christophe André.Begin a little, away from the world. While being present. In full consciousness. "Mindfulness" is the name of a form of meditation whose learning has been formalized, as part of the care, in the form of two protocols: the MBSR ( mindfulness based stress reduction ), as its name suggests for the regulation of stress and emotions, and MBCT ( mindfulness based cognitive therapy ) for the treatment of depressive relapse through behavioral therapies. Both programs aim to train participants to integrate mindfulness into everyday life in a secular approach. For eight weeks, they learn to meditate in a progressive way and explore the physical, mental and emotional mechanisms related to stress and emotions. Mindfulness-based workshops also exist for children and adolescents.


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