Interview with Christiane Collange: a mother-in-law who rebels

Psychologies: You "charge" the daughters-in-law, but some mothers-in-law conduct themselves rivals to the

companion of their son ...

Christiane Collange: Boys' mothers have a bad reputation! An adult son who loves his mother very much is suspected of not having solved his Oedipus, while it is admitted that there is a strong bond between a mother and her daughter. I found that young women do not support that their companion loves their mom, we embarrass them! One of my sons just had three operations in three weeks, it was disturbing. This is the first time that his wife has realized that I was the mother of her husband. All of a sudden, the only person who felt anxiety with the same intensity as her, it was me! Something has changed in our relationships. I went from the status of "good woman who clutters" to that of "woman who loves my husband as much as me"

Psychologies: Far from settling relations, the arrival of grandchildren complicates them. Why?

Christiane Collange: Being a grandparent is not idyllic. There are good times, intense joys, but also damn quarter of an hour, great disappointments! It's like in a life of a couple ... When relationships are tense, we no longer have the right to give our grandchildren the love we would like to give them. We are deprived of their presence. There is "blackmail to grandchildren", as there is blackmail to children when couples get along badly.

Psychologies: Mothers-in-law do not see their grandchildren?

Christiane Collange: Women always say "my mother-in-law", not "the grandmother of children". The instinct of any young mother is to say: "We go on a weekend with Mom", "When the little ones are sick, I call Mom!" The paternal grandmother is not considered as the real grandmother, she leaves with a big handicap! 72% of Christmas parties are spent at the maternal grandmother's, this figure speaks for itself! When you only have sons, there is something to worry about for the future!


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