What to do when it does not work as one would like?

What to do when it does not work as one would like?

How can one solve one's sexual problems when faced with conventional wisdom? Can sexuality be different for each individual?

Jean-Luc Thoreton


1) How to overcome the fear of acting out when you are a virgin boy of 30 years?

Losing one's virginity is always a test. All is not to put any notion of competition. The discovery of the other is also, and above all, the discovery of oneself. The woman does not expect you to be the best but you are him We must ask the question of what really intimidates. Is it the woman or, rather, what can we imagine to have to bring her, to prove it to her? This impasse is none other than that of one's own mind.

2) What to do when you are complexed by the size of your penis?

What does the bottle matter as long as you have drunkenness? The size of the erect penis does not matter more than that of the legs to better stand up.

The whole thing is not to have it consistent but to know what to do and to control its richness. If we still ask ourselves this kind of question, we spend our lives watching ourselves bend rather than live the pleasant sensations of sex.

3) Ejaculate systematically after 10 minutes, is this a problem?

Where is the problem? Why should we keep more than 10 minutes? Why not 12, 23, 48? The problem is that one must learn what one feels when the enjoyment begins to come, to be able to control it.

Men are animals that enjoy in a few short minutes. Endowed with a certain intelligence, they must be aware of this natural limit (and not an illness) and learn to master it. Men all have a natural and a potential to develop. All men can run the 100m in less than 10 seconds but only those who work can do it. 4) What to do when you can not satisfy a vaginal woman?

Why persuade yourself to be responsible for the enjoyment of your partner? Enough with that! ! ! The woman enjoys according to her desire and learning and not exclusively of the male labor. The woman is a whole and not a clitoral or vaginal skill (illusion more dangerous than real and useful). In what way is she obliged to enjoy? Why would not she have some difficulty to enjoy. Do not ask the wrong questions and stay in the illusion, rather than trying to solve problems. At the risk of appearing violent, this woman may be waiting for something other than a simple erection. A two, we must look for games that are missing.Go to the discovery of each other, but not of any gratification. We are rarely disappointed.

5) How to solve a total absence of libido that lasts for nine years?

Such a problem requires an accurate search. Why for nine years, what does "total absence" mean, for whom today do you want to have desire? The help you need is that of a sex therapy to assess your situation and see if the recovery should be sex or psychotherapy.

6) Is it normal not to bend for girls we love and have no problem with those we do not like?

The problem is not to confuse sentiment and sexuality. The ones we love, we can be afraid of disappointing them and losing them. Those for which we do not feel anything do not cause us anxiety performance. When one has a sexuality of pleasure and complicity rather than performance, everything is better.

7) Is it normal that his wife no longer wants to make love for three years

The best questions to ask are: why such an evolution and why wait three years to worry about it? When in a couple intimacy is reduced to so little, it is that the situation has reached a level of non-communication very serious. There is nothing more to consider than to consult a sexologist.

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