Masturbation and virginity .

Masturbation and virginity ...

Does masturbation affect virginity and reduce pleasure or orgasm in the long term? Rozière, 24 years

Gonzague de Larocque



Culturally, we have often attributed a symbolic value to virginity. It must be remembered that it is the first sexual relationship that determines the end of this virginity. Masturbation, therefore, theoretically has nothing to do with it. Moreover, the tearing of the hymen that can accompany this first report is a very bad criterion. Indeed, the hymen, thin membrane attached to the walls of the vagina immediately behind the vaginal opening, is very different in shape, elasticity and thickness from one woman to another. Some girls are born even without hymen.

Sometimes the hymen is so elastic that it does not break even after several reports. And, on the contrary, it can happen that certain sports activities, such as cycling, horseback riding or the big gap, cause the tearing of this membrane. Of course the use of a tampon or masturbation can also cause it to break. Thus, beyond the rupture of the hymen, we must not forget the symbolic value of this membrane related to the relationship to two.

Moreover, masturbation, while it is in no way obligatory, has no negative influence either on pleasure or on orgasm. On the contrary. Sexual function is very much related to the knowledge and representation that one has of one's body and to the trust that one allows oneself to let go. Masturbation can only have a positive influence on these different elements.


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