A choice of fate

Our meeting was quite simple. As if fate had planned for a long time. She and her husband were looking for a house at the same time as us. My husband and I were faster. Like me, she wanted to live in this house and not another one. Our children, a boy and a girl, were born the same day. They also went back to school the same day, at the same time.

That day we were in the same bus, each holding his little one by the hand. We glanced furtively. Arriving at school, we sat side by side, waiting for our children to be confident in this new establishment. We talked a lot and laughed.

At age three, our children fell in love with each other. They walked hand-in-hand all day. They even wanted to see themselves outside of school. This allowed us to see each other several times. I realize that I like it.

We spend time together, but they are too rare. She has been slow to realize that we are made to love each other. It took a fight for that. I could not stand to have to run after him to see each other. I wanted to put an end to this friendship, which made me suffer. She came to understand.

Since then, we think each other every day. We love ourselves. We do not see each other often enough. But we have no choice: we are married to children. Each encounter is filled with emotions, subtle contacts, tender and delicate. That's wonderful.


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