He loves me as I am

I just wanted to say that you can meet the man of his life at 16 and that's fine. I met my friend at the age of 15, and I'm still with him today. We will soon live together and we love each other more and more every day, because we discover ourselves again and again on all levels (physical, moral, intellectual ...).

I think meeting someone very young is not that bad. For me, it is useless to have had several boyfriends before finding the right one.

I did not have a boyfriend before him (my blanket), because my hair color displeased the boys (blond redhead Venetian) and I measured 1m70 and I weighed 54 kg with shapes but not round enough for the mentality of boys. At the time, I was in third. I met my boyfriend when I came back in the first year of BEP and he was and still is different from the others. He respects me and loves me as I am.

I'm HAPPY and I think I'll be happy for life if both of us are for life.


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