I can not get my ex back, why?

Dear visitors, if you are currently looking at this page it is because you want to win back the person who shared your life, but who made the decision to break up. Only, despite all that you have undertaken since that fateful day, nothing evolves as you would like and you have come to ask "why I can not get my ex?".

If I told you that the answer is in just 5 minutes, I'm sure you would be wondering about my mental health because for several days or perhaps even weeks you can return the problem in all directions, you do not find the solution that could tip the balance back to you.

However, I reassure you and thank you at the same time to take care of my health, I'm perfectly fine, the people I accompanied yesterday can testify! What I propose to do is to watch this video in which I explain the main reasons why some succeed in setting up an effective recovery and why others remain blocked and ruin all the chances that are offered to them.

Just one last clarification, if you are in the second case, do not panic because you have the ability to change things. Watch this video in full and we'll talk about it right below.

The video to recover his ex

How to correctly apply the techniques to find his ex?

Well, I imagine that with the explanation in the video things are slightly different in your eyes and that you resume hope. But you must know however that knowing all the techniques I mentioned in this short sequence does not always bring back a person that we love and who loved us in return.

Sometimes you have to go further and get out of the theory to get into practice. I explain that it is important to change your habits simply because without this parameter, your ex will not be able to believe in a real revolution in your attitudes. What you have experienced is not just a quarrel, it is a breakup and you must act accordingly.

You have probably already made promises about your attitude, your bad habits by saying: "honey, I assure you all this will change, I promise you ... we will be happy again". Yes, but now, a few weeks later you fall back into your truancy. There is nothing more difficult than fighting habits.

It is for this reason that I explain that you need to distance yourself because this is the only way to change your behavior and that your ex realizes it. I will take a concrete example for you to understand better or I wish to come.

When you do some gastronomic excesses for example during the holidays since it is soon the period, you do not immediately realize that your scale will see red! It is only after ten days that you realize that the chocolate did not succeed (and I know something!) And therefore that you decide to go on a diet. But again your efforts do not pay immediately. Before seeing the result you have to wait a good ten days. The reason is simple, you look at yourself every day in the mirror and you can not see the evolution except when it becomes really obvious.

And it's exactly the same when one ventures into thereclaiming his ex !

Your ex has been with you for a period of time and when you certify that you are going to make efforts he / she may doubt you. First, because you may have already made that promise. But most of all, because you are close to your ex, you can not immediately see your change.

You know that you make efforts, that you put in place mechanisms to change your behavior but it takes time for your former half to notice.

On the other hand, if you decide to take a little distance, this image that your ex will have of you will necessarily be different when you make your return, simply because the difference will be visible. So you can tell him " yes I changed to get you ! "

I wanted to explain this in detail because even if it is only a short example, and there are hundreds of others compared to actions to implement when we consider of recover a lost loveit seemed important to me that you understand the importance of every detail and how to do it.

When I do a personalized coaching, that's what I explain precisely. Because it seems to me essential to give directives, but it seems to me even more important to explain them with meticulousness.

interpret separation is essential

When I explain that the understanding of the break is the essential phase of the reconquestI feel amazement in my interlocutors. Yet, with what I have just demonstrated, I hope that all this is now clearer for you.

If you say to yourself " I can not get my ex "is that you have a lot of work to understand, the reason is simple, it's what will determine the best actions to implement because it is only in this way that you can get a reaction from the part of the one who shared your life.

I explain through many articles like this that understanding the break is the key to win back his ex, but I also detail the way to do in my book "70 tips to recover his man" or "70 tips to recover his wife ".

If you are really lost and your former partner has taken the lead over you, I invite you to follow a personalized coaching. In addition to putting in place an effective action plan to react to this person so dear to your heart, we will also be able to work on your personal development and more specifically on the confidence that is essential when it comes to reclaiming an ex but also for the life of a couple.

Your coach to answer the question why can not I get my ex?


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