Prayer Strategies for the Restoration of a Broken Home by Adultery

We have talked about adultery, its characteristics, its origin, the differences between men and women, the suffering it causes and its consequences. There would still be a lot to say about this, but now I feel the need to approach the restoration. Many people whose marriage has been broken today need help in prayer for the restoration both at the individual level and in their marriage.

The prayer strategy that I propose can be applied to several different cases: you are married, you live under the same roof or you are separated for a time and your spouse lives in adultery; Your spouse has filed for divorce to rebuild his life with his lover, but you have been persuaded by God to pray for the restoration of your home.

Your real opponents

What you need to understand first and foremost is that everything you see in the visible world was first conceived and existed in the invisible. Therefore, the fight you have to lead for the restoration of your home is first against the invisible spiritual powers that are trying to destroy your marriage. Your fight is not against your spouse.

Paul reveals it to us when he says from God to the Ephesians that we do not have to fight against the flesh and the blood, but against the dominations, against the authorities, against the princes of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits in the celestial places. (Ephesians 6:12)

The acts of your spouse are the result of thoughts inspired not by God but by the world of darkness to destroy not only his soul, but also your marriage and if possible compromise the future of your children, if you have any. ; and therefore, basically attack and destroy the testimony that God wants to pass on to the world through marriage.

The fight is therefore at the spiritual level, in the invisible. Elevate the level of combat at the spiritual level. Increase the spiritual pressure. This war for the restoration of your home, you will first gain spiritually before it manifests itself in your home concretely. What is not done in prayer is not done at all!

The prayer strategy that I propose has the following steps: repentance, renunciation, supplications, proclamations, decrees and thanksgiving. We will talk about it in detail in different articles.

The prayer of the just has a great efficiency, it is formidable!

My brother, my sister, remember that if you are in Christ, then you are right. Just because of what Christ did for you on the cross and not because of your own works. Christ has clothed you with the cloak of righteousness and that is why you can approach God with confidence, having full confidence that God is listening to you and that if you pray according to His will, the answer is guaranteed.

Whatever you ask for in prayer, if you believe that you have received it, you will see it come to pass. (Mark 11:24)

Perhaps you have never met God. Your helplessness to restore your relationship, the insecurity, the pain, the suffering you are experiencing have led you to seek help online. I believe that the fact that you are reading this article was led by God. God who knows all the details of your situation has led you to this page for you to meet Him. He wants to save you and save your marriage as He did for thousands of others. If this is your case, click on this link to find out who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for you on the cross.

God bless you !


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