Will I get my ex back?

This is the question that everyone asks when starting a reconquest. We necessarily want to know if we are going in the right direction, if the latter will be effective, if his ex will come back after several days, one or two weeks or a few months after setting up his actions.

You should know that separation is not inevitable and that it is possible to bring back a person whom we love, but only for good reasons. Since the break you have struggled to lift your head and you have understood at this moment (or perhaps even before) that the only way to bounce back in your life is to recover that person who is so dear to your heart . You absolutely do not plan to turn the page because you had lots of projects, you had anticipated the future but unfortunately today is the deception that dominates.

It is therefore essential to launch this effective love reconquest which will give you a chance to recover it and especially not to have regrets. But from the beginning of the first actions interrogations hover over the success that you will meet or not. You are in the most complete doubt because for you it is the first time that you act in this way. You may have never heard of radio silence, handwriting, or resurrection before you know this separation, and you find it hard to know if your actions are relevant or not.

"Am I going to get my ex back?" It's in these terms that your main questioning arises but also your biggest concern. And you must know that it is quite understandable because you have too many feelings and you can not stand this situation of estrangement. Throughout this article I will try to synthesize some of the methods that I develop in my ebook in immediate access " 70 tips to get your man or woman back You will be able to discover the means that will guide the return of your ex-husband or your ex-wife but especially the elements that can reassure you and tell you that your reconquest is likely to succeed.

How will I get my ex?

Of course you do not want to leave anything to chance and therefore you want to make no mistake in your reconquest, because they could push your ex to take more distance. But sometimes the reflexes that you have, the actions that you think are good are actually not the ones that will offer the most convincing results.
Men and women who know my philosophy understand me and manage to read between the lines! These are of course banned from the reconquest. Many of you, have already begun to apply techniques to bring back a loved one and that even before coming to visit my site. Many times mistakes have been made and this is what I have called the banned, that is to say, the actions that you think are good but which will have at best an impact ultra limited to the worst of the harmful consequences. Now, it is not necessary to act under the influence of emotion because that is what risks losing you. Do not panic anymore because you are in the right place to be able to get into your ex's head.

Supplier's ex: the worst attitude

One of the first reflexes you have and that is really not good is obviously to beg your ex. By the time your half announces that everything is over and you say it's the end with my ex there is a great risk of kneeling, crying and begging for a second chance.
You think that by acting in this way you will make him / her feel guilty, you want to play on emotions and make a big declaration of love to wake up feelings. However, rebuild a strong couple and recover his ex does not beg.

Harassing his ex: bad idea

You have a hard time accepting the breakup, for you it's not conceivable that your couple will not leave the front. You have a hard time making the idea that your ex wants to turn the page and forget you.

What you do to make him understand that you are the right one is to use whatever means you have left to keep in touch. SMS, calls, unannounced visits. Nevertheless, a separation means that there has been a general breakdown and the fact of using harassment to talk to your ex at all costs can only be negative. If you are currently doing this, you must stop immediately because you will not be able to win it back that way.

Define your situation well to put in place the right actions

It is important to know what actions are effective for you and according to your problem.Indeed, you must understand that the techniques and methods that work for others will not necessarily work in your case. It is essential to avoid copying his action plan to that of his best friend on the grounds that for him it worked. You may be wondering why, simply because your relationships, your respective love affair, and the reasons for the breakup are not the same. Even if there are similarities between your stories, there are bound to be glaring differences.

When you ask yourself " will I get my ex ? "You must not think of other stories, of those who have succeeded or failed in their plan, it is you and no one else who will be able to make a difference, or rather you and me! the chance to fall on the love coach number 1 to recover his ex. Indeed, you can now call on my expertise by taking advantage of personalized coaching to be able to implement a truly effective strategy adapted to your story because it is important, as I explained, to customize your actions.

To have a chance to win him back you must know the methods that are available to you and do not rush into your choices. What fits a PSC is not necessarily the useful technique after 20 years of marriage. If you are not really separated, radio silence is not a way to make things better.

As you know, if you follow my lectures and you know my philosophy of coaching, I work quite frankly, some reconquest take several months, while others require only a few days. Yes, you can win back the woman or the man you love, you can make things change but to achieve it you must not make mistakes anymore!


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