Fight against emotional dependence

After a divorce, a widowhood and a destructive relationship, I experienced emotional dependence. A real addiction to the passion and the masculine love ... Today, at fifty-five and thanks to my shrink, I finally begin to know how to protect myself. It is my homeopath who advised me this person, wonderful of human warmth. The therapeutic method she offers me, Ericksonian hypnosis, is also very good for me.

So I have three rules to apply: do not give without counting, listen to the people who advise me, and especially be more objective about the men I meet. That is to say, no longer to interpret things according to what suits me, but to see them with discernment! It is also necessary at all costs that I stop choosing men who, for various reasons, are unable to give when I am doing only that.

For the first time in my life, I realized the sad fate of my "me". To get better, I start to pamper myself. I recently discovered that my migraines were a form of anorexia, which makes me relearn to eat. I also learn to live alone, with myself. To be happy, without necessarily being in a relationship. Since the beginning of my therapy, the emotional emptiness paralyzes me much less. I met someone recently with whom I will try to apply my new "protection techniques". I have great hope!

Some time ago, I supported my brother after a rupture of aneurism, then a year later, a meningitis ... We always counted on my famous "fishing" to find the strength to get me out But now I'm going to try to think of myself. I realize that I have seriously undermined my resilience ... And I hope to give strength to all those who suffer like me!


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