The birth of taste

How to (try to) make them want to taste everything Natalie Rigal's tips and advice to introduce children to new flavors. Do not stop at first rejection In general, you have to suggest at least five times the dish for your cherub to change his mind. It will crack before you! Do not force him to finish his plate If he has eaten half of his salsify, move on.

My child is rejected at school

Exclusion is a source of suffering, says psychologist and psychotherapist Isabelle Filliozat. And can also turn into persecution. Encouraging children to speak and understand what they are experiencing is essential for them to come out of isolation. Anne Lanchon "Your son is often alone at recess and never mentions any boyfriends, would he be a" boyfriend, "as the children say?

I feel ridiculous, what to do?

EXERCISE] Not only does ridicule not kill, but it can even help us get rid of the weight of the norm and comparisons. Ilios Kotsou, researcher in positive psychology, offers a simple and effective exercise to get rid of the fear of the judgment of others. Ilios Kotsou Flavia Mazelin Salvi Standard and comparisons are positive when they inspire us or push us to improve.

What do my dreams mean?

What do my dreams mean? Despite my repeated requests, my psychoanalyst refuses to explain to me my dreams. Does this seem normal to you? Gisèle Z., Mulhouse Claude Halmos Psychoanalyst answers It's not only normal, but inevitable. No analyst can "explain" their dreams to his patients. The dream is a kind of coded message that sends us the unconscious.

What is it? than homeopathy?

What is it? than homeopathy? Where does homeopathy come from? What is it? In which case should it be used? - Psychologies. com answers - History In the current state of scientific knowledge, the phenomenon of high dilutions remains inexplicable. This is why some conventional doctors continue to approach it from the point of view of superstition, and evoke it in terms of magical practice whose products are no better than holy water.

Yoga has completely transformed me

It has changed my body: I ​​lost more than 13 pounds in one year, I am more muscular, my breathing is more stable. In addition to yoga, I started running several times a week. Beyond the physical aspect, thanks to yoga, I am also more aware of the world and people around me, I consider my own place in relation to others.