Hyperactive child, understanding and helping

He moves constantly, accumulates stupidity, never finishes what he started ... Contrary to common prejudices, the hyperactive child does not is not only a little agitated, whose overflowing energy would exhaust the parents. It is above all a child in pain, whose evil is hidden behind the acronym ADD / H (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder).

How to react when your teen smokes cannabis?

How to react when your teen smokes cannabis? Smoking cannabis can cause psychic addiction. How to set limits for teenagers? Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz Psychiatrist answers Even though the use of cannabis has become commonplace, even if it is a question of deregulating its use, I personally believe that it is a dangerous product.

I will try not to spoil what I learned in two years of therapy

My psychologist stops her activity. I thought she would always be there for me. I do not know how to do without her, because I have been consulting for two years and I admit that I like a lot of things at home. There is no word to say how much I will miss her. I, too, thank her for listening to me and for doing so well for two years.

Transference, a necessary love

No therapy without transfer. This special relationship between patient and therapist, made of desire and aggression, is the condition of change. Isabelle Taubes I found my psychiatrist by chance, on the Internet, and I immediately knew that it was him, says Sophie, 45, in therapy for six months. At each session, he surprises me; we laugh together, I want to know more about him: if he is married, if he has children.

The Reichian analysis

Inherited by Wilhelm Reich, Freud's undisciplined student, it aims to unravel our physical and mental blockages in order to better circulate in us the "vital energy". Stéphanie Torre By the body, the body and the body. "Thus, according to Dr. Gérard Guasch, psychosomatician doctor and pioneer of the Reichian analysis in France, the specificity and modernity of this Therapeutic technique whose foundations were elaborated, between 1925 and 1935, by Wilhelm Reich, Freud's undisciplined pupil, who c

Meditating heals the body

For years, Psychologies has been defending the benefits of meditation. Today, the scientific evidence is irrefutable: this practice not only cares for the mind, but also the body. Many hospitals use it in the United States and Europe. In France, nothing moves, or almost. What blocks? We investigated.